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Mid-Stay Cleans Airbnb – VRBO – STR

Should you offer mid-stay cleans at your Airbnb, VRBO or STR (short-term rental?) Some hosts offer mid-stay cleans to make their Airbnb guests feel like this is their HomeAway from home.Mid-Stay Cleans holding stack of linens

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says house rules can clarify mid-stay cleans. Among Airbnb secrets and turnover cleaning tips you’ll find numbers for a house cleaner and laundry service.

Airbnb hosting includes turnover services but a fee incurs with an extra maintenance-clean.

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Question: Should You Offer Mid-Stay Cleans?

Should you offer a mid-stay cleaning for vacation rentals, short-term rentals, and Airbnb’s? And we’re talking for somebody that stays longer than three or four days? Great question and we’re going to talk about that today.

Our Facebook Friends Shared Tips on Mid-Stay Cleans

Mid-Stay Cleans guy changing bed linensSeveral people in our Turnover Cleaning Tips FB group and other Airbnb groups told us this.

“To maintain the quality standards of our property, we have a mandatory cleaning at least every week. If you only stay a couple of days there are no mid-stay cleans. But if you stay a week or longer we send a cleaning technician in to change out the towels, take out the trash, and do a light maintenance clean. This cleaning charge for and we add to your bill.

A mandatory house cleaning prevents everybody from ‘letting the place go.’ No garbage piles up and we can manage open foodstuffs that would attract bugs.”

Vacation Rental Hosts House Rules Mention Mid-Stay Cleans

Mid-Stay Cleans cleaner cleaning nightstand next to bedOther hosts include rules for mid-stay cleans in their house rules:

“Welcome. this is a self-service cottage. We are not providing a maid service or a laundry service. You are responsible for your own cooking and your own cleaning and your own laundry while you’re here. 

We have provided some stuff for you. There are cleaning supplies and there’s a vacuum in the hall closet. In the laundry room, there’s laundry soap for three loads of wash. That should be enough to get you started. 

If you’re here longer and want to make this feel like home, there is a store on 1311 Myrtle St. that sells household goods.”  

Mid-Stay Cleans Are Self-Serve

Mid-Stay Cleans cleaning supplies on wooden tableLeaving cleaning supplies is a great way to inspire guests to feel like this is their homeaway while cleaning up after themselves like they do at home.

Other house rules include:

“At week one, we will come in and bring you a whole new set of bedsheets and we will replace the towels.” 

Now, you may have extra towels and extra bedding that you leave stored at the place anyway to automate and improve your cleaning process. This way, for some reason, if there’s an accident they can change out the bedding before that week is up.

The weekly cleaning allows the housekeeper to take any used bedding and linens away, wash them and have them clean for the following guest.

Extra Mid-Stay Cleans Are on The Guest

Mid-Stay Cleans cleaning service worker using washing machine“If you need laundry service beyond the machine provided, here’s the number of a pick-up delivery service we trust.”

Some hosts leave the number of the house cleaning or preparation service as well.  Just in case the visitor wants an extra house cleaning. And of course, the guest pays the cleaning company, or laundry service just like ordering out for a pizza.

You order something not provided in your stay, you pay for it like you would at your own home.

The guest makes their own arrangements and they pay the bill.

There are people who go to hotels who love the daily turndown service and replacement of linens.

So, you may have a relationship with somebody in town that’s willing to clean on demand. Especially if you the host do your own turnover service between guests.

Mandatory Charges for Mandatory Mid-Stay Cleans

Mid-Stay Cleans woman taking out the trashMany hosts have a cleaning fee for mandatory mid-stay cleans. This allows you to pay for a cleaner and keep your place in a maintenance mode.

And knowing the schedule of the mandatory cleans encourages guests to be gone during the cleaning.

And regardless of mid-stay cleans, it’s important that you let your guests know where the outside trash bins are.

If you have dumpsters outside, let them know, “Hey, here are extra garbage bags, and at the end of every day will you please put the trash in the dumpsters. This prevents bugs and pests and rodents from interrupting your stay.”

Optional Mid-Stay Cleans

Mid-Stay Cleans bedding and towelsSome hosts offer optional mid-stay cleans at day 3-5 that includes a new set of towels, emptying trash and restocking coffee etc.

You just need to make sure that everyone is playing off the same page. Should you offer it? At week one, yes, so that you can keep everything in maintenance order.

And you may want to have a closet that includes extra bedding and extra towels just in case the guests need them. Which will prevent a maid from making a special trip over there?

If you are a host or a superhost and you have a different method or a different philosophy for this, please share with us your best ideas. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions to help each other out.

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