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House Cleaner trims house plants with scissors - Featured

House Plants

Can house plants be on the house cleaners to-do list? In today’s Vacation Rental Mailbag, we look at house plants as a #TurnoverService add on.
Your house cleaner (housekeeper, maid, cleaner) is going to be at the #Airbnb or vacation rental anyway. Angela Brown says watering house plants and plant care is a natural fit. 

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What’s Your Sign?

What’s your sign? You do have signs for your #vacationrental and Airbnb, right? House rules printed to manage guest expectations? So, what’s your sign? Airbnb hosting is seamless when you leave instructions for guests. 
Instead of what’s your sign, we should ask where’s your sign or signs? There are bathroom signs for Airbnb and VRBO. There are kitchen signs for Airbnb. Swimming pool signs for vacation rental and short-term rental units. They include welcome instructions and check out instructions. 

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Left Luggage - Featured

Left Luggage – What To Do With it?

Guests left luggage after late Airbnb checkout – what now? Are there standard house rules for left luggage? Is the house cleaner or maid in charge of it? Do you suspend Airbnb cleaning or turnover service until the guest is gone?
Should you move the left luggage before the next guests arrive or should you contact the #VacationRental host? 
And do you hold luggage for guests who can’t get an early check-in? 

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Broken Appliances, Man screams at Foaming Dishwasher - Featured

Fixes for Broken Appliances

Need fixes for broken appliances? Prepare for the worst-case scenario and provide a list of What Ifs. What if we have a broken washing machine? And then provide the number for a laundry service. And if you have a broken oven, suggest a toaster oven in the bottom cupboard or the microwave.

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Logos to Promote Your Airbnb or VRBO

Logos to promote your Airbnb or VRBO are another way of adding to your company brand. Let’s look at some resources and ideas to help you design a logo and shares where to go to find help with branding and explains why logos are such an important part of that.

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Vacation Rental – What’s Under Your Kitchen Sink?

Vacation rental – what’s under your kitchen sink? Vacation rental cleaning usually involves a turnover service. But if guests want to tidy up? Do they have the cleaning supplies they need under your kitchen sink? 

Every #VacationRental, AirBnB, VRBO or Short-term rental needs a clean-up kit under your kitchen sink.

In today’s #AskaHouseCleaner, Angela Brown shows you how to organize under your kitchen sink. Learn to stage and restocking tips for guests DIY cleaning. Guests clean up when they have the right stuff. 

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Why Airbnb Hosts Complain, Turnover Cleaning Tips

Why AirBnB Host Complain About Guests

Why Airbnb hosts complain about guests is not a mystery. Any traveler can be an AirBnB guest and stay at a short-term rental or #VRBO. 

But let’s look at why AirBnB hosts complain about guests when they are quiet, polite and leave the #AirBnB damage free. They may not leave it clean. 

There are host expectations that come with home sharing. Yes, they are in the hospitality industry and many charges a cleaning fee for cleaning and standard amenities. But as a live-in host, you are staying in their home. Even a short-stay can change their feedback or rating and review if you don’t leave it clean. 

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Do Airbnb Come with Cleaning, Maid With Rolled Towels

Do Airbnb or VRBO Come with Cleaning?

“Do most #Airbnb or #VRBO come with cleaning or have a maid on staff? If I need a laundry service is there a housekeeper that comes?”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says “there is an Airbnb cleaning service. But most vacation rentals don’t come with cleaning mid-stay.  Check the house rules for turnover services and maintenance cleaning between Airbnb guests. And short-term rentals (STR) longer than a week usually does come with cleaning. 

Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsors are Savvy Cleaner. (Training and Certification for house cleaners and maids.) And Turnover Cleaning Tips for Hosts and house cleaners alike. 

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Airbnb Host Pockets Cleaning Fee basket of towels and flowers

VRBO – Airbnb Host Pockets Cleaning Fee

“I’m sure the #VRBO – Airbnb host pockets the cleaning fee – is that legal? We’re paying an Airbnb cleaning charge besides the nightly rate for our short-stay on every booking. I don’t know if there is a caretaker or housekeeper or if the Airbnb host pockets the cleaning fee.”

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru talks about the #Airbnb Living Wage Promise for turnover services. “If the Airbnb host pockets the cleaning fee it’s because they’ve earned it.” Home sharing comes at a price. Beyond the standard amenities, even a live-in host has partners they have to pay. Cleaning is one small cost incurred by vacation rentals.

Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsors are Savvy Cleaner (Training and certification for house cleaners and maids.) And Turnover Cleaning Tips (A resource hub for short-term rentals.)

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Airbnb Host Charged an Extra Cleaning Fee, Turnover Cleaning Tips

Airbnb Host Charged an Extra Cleaning Fee

The Airbnb host charged an extra cleaning fee after the Airbnb guest left. Can they do that? There is a cleaning fee collected at the time of the #VRBO or #Airbnb booking. 

Angela Brown, The House Cleaning Guru says if the Airbnb host charged an extra cleaning fee it’s valid. 

If the housekeeper or maid service has extra work, or if they have to call in a pest control service there will be an extra cleaning charge.

If the Airbnb host charged an extra cleaning fee it’s for cleaning. It’s not a damage deposit or part of the nightly rate, or standard amenities. It’s all in your vacation rental contract. 

Today’s #AskaHouseCleaner sponsors are Savvy Cleaner. (Training and Certification for house cleaners and maids.) And (A hub for the Airbnb host, superhost and their cleaning partners.)

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