Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb & VRBO

Have you heard about Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb & VRBO, yet?  Are you a vacation rental owner looking for ways to streamline property management? Or a house cleaner trying to expand your business?

Chad Phillis, founder and owner of Checkmate Rentals, has the solution.

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Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb or VRBO

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Woman with Phone ThinkingDid I ever tell you about Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb or VRBO? It’s a property management company, and the owner Chad Phillis is going to be sharing with us how house cleaners can contact him, and they can become the premium cleaner for the properties that he manages. 

My name is Chad Phillis. I’m the owner and founder of Checkmate Rentals, which is a business that focuses on managing short-term rental properties for short-term rental owners. And we don’t just do Airbnb, we’re on multiple platforms. So, Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, TripAdvisor,, you name it, Facebook marketplace depending on the area, we do a ton of different things when it comes to your property and managing your property.

And really, we are pretty much full-service management. So, I have properties of my own, and I was thinking, what would I want as somebody who values time freedom, who likes to make a lot of money, and who wants to be as successful as possible. So, I decided to create a service that would do all that for me.”

Checkmate Automates the Scheduling of the Cleaning

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Happy Woman on Phone“So, I automate the scheduling of the cleanings, all guest communication, 24/7 guest communication, managing maintenance, if any maintenance is needed on the property, pretty much everything that consumes time for the property owner.

What I offer for property owners is automating their business completely while they sit back and collect the check. So, that’s really what I wanted to focus on, and I found out ways to be able to do that in different states.

No matter what state you’re located in, we can do that because of our contracts with certain cleaners in these different states. So, I know that you have a lot of cleaners watching your show Angela and I would definitely be more than welcome to have a conversation with them to see if they would want to become one of my preferred partners.”

How Does a House Cleaner Work With Checkmate Rentals

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Woman Going Through BillsSo, supposing that you are a house cleaner, and you would like to have a conversation with you. How would a house cleaner work with you? How would that work?

Yeah, so it’s pretty much just reaching out to me through email or give me a call on my cell phone. And then what we’ll do is, we will talk about the systems that I have in place right now with my cleaners to make sure that they’re doing the job right. Which I know most of them, especially if they’re watching your show, I’m sure that they are, and they’re doing really, really well.

But yeah, we just talk about what needs to be done, and then any new properties that we get in that area we will give them to them. And they will really be the boots on the ground, the people handling everything, and we provide a lot of business for cleaners.”

Checkmate Rentals Helps House Cleaners Find Business

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Confused House Cleaner, How Do I Get More BusinessSo, instead of a house cleaner going out looking for business, they would just come to you and they would say, “Hey, I’m available in this area.” And then when you have properties that become available, they become your preferred house cleaners.

Correct. Correct. Yes. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. Speaking of that, those cleaners in those areas, a lot of times if they are already doing short-term rental cleans for other people, they may have some disgruntled guests or somebody who is looking for a new property management team. Or maybe they’ve never done property management before, maybe they’re handling it themselves.

It’s taking up a lot of time, a lot of energy, if they hear that and they give us a referral, that’s another avenue for cleaners to make money with our company.”

House Cleaners Can Become Checkmate Affiliates

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Man Cleaning FaucetSo, house cleaners could then become affiliates of your program and send you referral business and then make a commission that way as well.

Correct. Yeah. So, they’ll get paid every single month on a recurring commission for the referral, as well as getting paid every single time they clean the property. Any referral that they give, they obviously get to clean that property. So, yeah, that’s a really exciting thing. So, they get the double dip there.”

How Does an  Airbnb Host Hire a Property Manager?

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Confused Man on ComputerThat’s fantastic. So, how would an Airbnb host who does not have a property manager right now, they’re getting started or they’ve been doing it themselves and they’re overwhelmed and they’re wanting to outsource that join you?  And what kind of things would you provide them?

How Checkmate Helps With Rental Property Managers

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, House Cleaner Wiping MirrorSo, right now we have a small team that we’re working with and that’s how we’re able to provide this 24/7 service. And really this value-packed service that’s going to put them over the top and make them one of the top Airbnb’s or top short-term rentals in their area.

Right now, we have a limited number of new clients that we are bringing on. And right now, it’s right around the 20 to 30 mark, that’s where we can handle and the people that we can provide that service to.

So, if there are any hosts that are watching and maybe you’re paying way too much in management fee, or maybe you are doing it yourself, and you’re spending all your precious, valuable time managing your own Airbnb or your own VRBO, whatever it is, you can reach out to us, and I’d like to have a conversation with you personally.”

Call Chad to See if You’re a Good Fit With Them

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Happy Woman Talking on PhoneSo, we can get on a call for 30 minutes, talk about your situation, see if we’re a good fit for one another, which most of the time we are. And it’s a really good fit and it works out for everybody, but I’d love to have a call and set up a call with you and see if that’s going to work out.

The question they might be asking right now is, why would I call Checkmate Rentals? There are 100,000 property managers out there that are doing the same thing, what’s different?”

Most People Starting Out Can’t Afford to Give Up Revenue

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Annoyed Man on PhoneSo, one of the main things that I’ve noticed is that people starting out can’t afford to give up a big chunk of their monthly revenue when it comes to their profits. And what I decided to do, instead of doing a percentage of the gross monthly rents, we do a flat fee.

No matter how much money we make for you, you’re paying the same amount to the property manager, which would be us, every single month.

So, if you make $3,000, $5,000, $10,000 a month, you’re still paying that set fee, which is way, way lower than what you’re paying now. So that’s one of the most important things, I guess, I wanted to mention when it comes to our service.”

What Can Airbnb Hosts Expect From Checkmate?

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Happy House Cleaner with Spray BottleSo, if I’m an Airbnb host and I call you, what I can expect is that you’re going to line up the cleaning for me. And if a customer calls and they’re upset, something malfunctions, you’re going to take care of that for me.

Yeah. So, for the services that we offer, we offer 24/7 guest communication, which is the biggest and most time-consuming part, in my opinion, of being a short-term rental host. We schedule and manage all of the cleanings, all of the maintenance, anything that you have going on, we will do that for you.

Optimizing your profiles, takes a lot of time. Building the profiles on different platforms, optimizing their profiles. We have a team that that’s their specific job to build and optimize your profiles daily.

Pricing for Their Services

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Frustrated Woman on PhoneAlso, when it comes to pricing, that’s one of the big things that a lot of hosts don’t know how to do or they’re not an expert in.

And this is something that we focus on day in and day out using dynamic pricing tools, making sure that you are getting every single penny out of your short-term rental that you should be getting.

That’s one of the main things that we focus on. So, if you’re a host, what this will do is totally free up your time. All you have to do is sit back and we do all the work for you and you get to make a lot of money with your property.”

This Helps Hosts Grow and Expand

Checkmate Rentals for Airbnb, Mountain HouseThis is exciting. This is a way that Airbnb hosts can grow and expand their business and house cleaners can grow and expand their business as well. I just love this. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Correct. We definitely look for win-win situations and I know when one person makes money, a lot of other people make money and it’s a really good thing.”

Where our readers find you?

What you can do is either go to our website, which is, or you can reach out to me directly. So, my email is Chad[at] and I’m sure we can link that in the description below. And you can also find me on social media on every single channel, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook @ChadPhillis.”

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