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Ben Kaufman – Oversized 40″ X 70″ Solid Color Velour Super Soft Beach and Pool Towel Set of 2 Pieces Easy Care, Extra Large

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This Ben Kaufman Beach Towel is Oversized and measures 40″ X 70″. Comes in a Solid Color. Made of  Velour & super soft. (Set of 2 pieces)

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This Ben Kaufman Beach Towel is Oversized and measures 40″ X 70″. Comes in a Solid Color. Made of  Velour & super soft. (Set of 2 pieces)

Ben Kaufman Beach Towel

The perfect combination is Here!
A beautiful pair of beach towels in two different designs. This is the only set online that combines different patterns into a single package. These extra large towels are the perfect size for laying under the Sun comfortably without the trouble of having the sand too close to you. Oversized luxury beach towels are the best idea for a gift, or for yourself. Take them to the pool, lake or boat and you will be sure to have quality towels that keep you warm and dry. Perfect extra large size and 100% cotton for maximum absorbency and durability.

These high-quality towels offer:

  • A superb luxurious feel.
  • Variety unlike any other set sold online.
  • 100% Combed ring-spun weave for a luxurious feeling
  • Superb absorbency and comfort.
  • Large 40 x 70 size to wrap yourself completely around

Washing Instructions:

  • Wash towels separately from other items of clothing to help decrease the transfer of towel lint to other pieces of clothing.
  • Use cold water to wash towels in order to avoid color bleeding.
  • Always use a mild detergent when washing towels. You may use a larger amount of detergent on towels that are heavily soiled.
  • Do not use fabric softeners. They may decrease the fluffiness and life of your towel by breaking down the fabric.
  • Do not use bleach at any stage of washing or drying. Doing so may discolor your towels and damage the fabric.

Beautiful set colorful beach towels in two different designs of the same color. Spa quality feel and super soft to the touch. The velour finish makes these towels very comfortable making you feel warm and fuzzy. ne stripe and one solid towel of the same color. Extra large 40 x 70 inches. Huge size for maximum comfort under the Sun. Making it the perfect poolside gift or beach accessory. Luxurious terry construction makes these towels super absorbent and long lasting. Machine washable and fast drying.