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Messy BNB – How Much Should I Charge?

How much extra should you charge for cleaning a messy BNB? Turnover cleaning is already hard work without adding more. Airbnb hosts and BNB owners have different cleaning standards from the regular homeowner.

There are many things that will influence how much you can charge for extra cleaning. Check out today’s advice to learn more.

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Messy BNB, How Much Extra Should I Charge?

Messy BNB, Dishes Piled Up in Messy KitchenMessy BNB, how much extra should I charge?  A house cleaner asked this question.

I was wondering after guests have checked out and they have left the place untidy and I have to do additional cleaning, how much should I charge the homeowner to give to the guest?”

It Depends on the Host

Messy BNB, Mess After CelebrationSo, how much extra should you charge is a question that goes back to the host? There needs to be some extra pay if it is extra work.  This depends on how big the property is, if its a full house or if its a room.

And that should be discussed with the host upfront. Also, by the same token, if for some reason you have somebody that comes and stays at the property and they are infected with COVID-19. Then that’s going to need some hazard pay for you to bring somebody else in or extra work for you to disinfect it.

So, you need to talk about extra work if it’s extra messy, and you need to talk about hazard pay. For instance, if you have to come in, in a hazmat suit and a respiratory mask.

You Might Have to Discuss Again With Your Host

Messy BNB, Women Talking on CouchSo there are a couple of things now that maybe you didn’t discuss before, but now it’s part of the new conversation. And so you need to go back and rearrange some of the agreements that you have with your Airbnb hosts so that you can get those questions answered upfront.

Now the homeowner can also do some things in their listings to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. For example, a lot of BNB owners have had listings where they say no smoking allowed, or there is a set fee.

And it might be $250 and that’s so they can come in and use an ozone generator or have the drapes cleaned to get the smell of smoke out of the house. So, this is also a time for them to readjust their listings.

Someone With COVID Will Require Disinfecting

Messy BNB, Cleaner with Fogger in Hazmat SuitsTherefore if guests come and stay and they have COVID, it’s going to require a whole disinfecting process that they don’t do normally. So, that’s going to be more money and they might charge that upfront.

So, how do you know if somebody has COVID?  You wouldn’t know, but if they have that inside their listing, maybe you could build those extra costs in. Now there are a couple of things that we have to be aware of moving forward. There will always be celebrations at Airbnbs.

Most people who goes and stays on vacation have some celebration going on. And so we have to declare what that looks like, at what level does this become a normal clean? At what level does it become an extra clean?

There’s Going to Be a Lot More Cleaning for Airbnb

Messy BNB, Man with Cleaning SuppliesSo if you’re a regular house cleaner and you have an Airbnb property, you need to be aware that there’s going to be a lot more cleaning. Maybe open jars are left out, candles left behind, maybe there’s extra garbage.

So, what is a normal clean for Airbnb is going to be very different from a regular customer that just tidied up before you got there. So, what does that look like?

Right now there are lots of house cleaners that are flooding the industry because they’ve had previous jobs in the past. And now after the COVID stay at home, they decided they didn’t like their corporate jobs and so they’re moving into the house cleaning space.

A Lot of New House Cleaners Aren’t Familiar With Airbnb Cleaning

Messy BNB, Woman Putting on Cleaning GlovesSo there are a lot of people for the very first time that are unaware of the nuances between regular maintenance cleaning and an Airbnb cleaning. A biweekly cleaning and a turnover cleaning, which happens a few times a week, or even every day, the cleanings are very different.

So it is now a good time to stop what you’re doing and to get educated on the differences, but also to clarify the rules and regulations with your host. Because if you have a host that likes you and you like them, and you work well together, it can be a really well paid long term relationship for you.

How Much You Charge Can Change Daily

Messy BNB, Woman Doing LaundryHow much should you charge? This is going to be based on how much extra work needs to be done. It also requires daily updates, so are you the one that’s doing the damage reports? Are you the one that’s doing the restocking supplies? Are you also the one that’s doing the extra laundry?

For example, now in the COVID era, you may have to go an extra cycle in the washing machine to make sure that all of the bedding has been sanitized.

So, it might be two or three extra loads of laundry that you normally wouldn’t do if it was a regular process. So, you have to figure out what that looks like and what the nuances of the new clean is for the Airbnb and how much the host is willing to pay.

Hosts Can Charge Transfer Fees

Messy BNB, Couple Using Credit Card on ComputerNow, the host can also charge transfer fees, where they charge a part of that to the customer and the customer pays for that. So it passes through the host and those can be passed along to you. But those agreements have to be in writing and be upfront before the job happens.

So that way, when you go to a job and you take pictures, you can say this is one of those jobs and then the host can agree, “Yes, this is one of those jobs.

This is an extra fee, a job, or an extra bonus. Whatever it is that they’re going to pay you for the extra work that needs to be done.

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