Logos to Promote Your Airbnb or VRBO

Logos to promote your Airbnb or VRBO are another way of adding to your company brand. Let’s look at some resources and ideas to help you design a logo and shares where to go to find help with branding and explains why logos are such an important part of that.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

Where Do You Get a Logo to Promote Your Airbnb or VRBO?

Logos, Woman Upset on PhoneThat’s a great question, and we get to talk about that today.

A house cleaner wants to know about branding. She says, “I’m interested to know the company who did your logo and colors. I want them to do something similar but with mobile applications and just new technology. Because that’s what I’m doing now. I’m starting my business, and it’s going to be all based on a mobile application. Greetings from the Middle East.”

Logos Are Everywhere

Logos, Man Designing at DeskWhat do you do to get your business logo?  You can get your logos online. Lots of companies offer logo design.

There are graphic designers all over the globe. Also, there are graphic design programs that allow you to create your own business logo. Then there are sites like Fiverr.com where you can pay somebody a small amount of money to create a logo for you.

So, where do you get a logo? They’re everywhere.  Anyone can design a great logo. They can help you design what is perfect for you, as far as the colors, the size, and all that stuff. You can even design your own.

Think Apps

Logos, Sugar Cubes With LogoNow, you mentioned apps. I’m super excited that you mentioned apps. They are something that you need to think about when you’re designing your logo.

Most people nowadays are going to look at your logo online, and so what that means is on a smartphone.

So, it’s got to be super small, so it shrinks down to about the size of a sugar cube. We say do the sugar cube test when doing your logo. If it shrinks down to the size of a sugar cube, and you can actually still see it, then you’re good to go. Pick colors, and shapes, and sizes, and things that say what you do but still easy to shrink.

Keep It Simple

Logos, Apps on PhoneNow, oftentimes when you open up web design, and a tab opens, your logo will be up in the top corner of that. Most WordPress websites allow you to do that, so it’s another part of your branding.

So, if you plan to create social media pages and use your business logo as the profile picture, it needs to shrink down. When you look at social media and you see how tiny those pictures are, you know they need to be simple, or nobody can see it. Avoid too much text or two or three images blended together.

So, you want it to be super simple, super clean, and almost cartoonish. Okay? Like two dimensional. You don’t want it to be three dimensional and have all these words and graphics.

Your Colors

Logos, McDonaldsNow, onto the colors. What colors do you want to choose? This is something you need to give some serious thought to. Do not wing it because your logo colors are going to be the colors of your company brand.

Think about McDonald’s, for example. McDonald’s has a yellow M. Right? It’s very specific. One day they wouldn’t just switch and choose a green M.  Because the yellow M is what we’ve known to come and expect from McDonald’s. It’s in all their stores, in all their marketing and advertising. It’s in all their ad campaigns.

Consistency with your colors is very important.

Do Your Homework

Logos, Woman Choosing Colors on ComputerOnce you’ve decided your colors, you may want to do a deep dive and figure out the meaning of colors. What does a logo represent? What emotions do they elicit? Do these colors make people want to click or buy? If they don’t, choose a different color.

There are colors that are more conducive to a particular industry. You may want to do some research and find out what that is before you decide.

How Big Do You Want to Be?

Logos, Trademark ApplicationSo, the next thing that we want to talk about with logos is are you a small business, or are you going to build an empire? If your long-term goal is to build an empire, trademark your logo as soon as possible.

Trademark it, because if you don’t, someone else can come and steal your logo. Then they can trademark it out from underneath you. They can send you a cease and desist, even if you created it. That’s why you have to be fast to get your paperwork and documentation done.

Document Your Ownership

Logos, Man Upset Reading MailNow, it’s peculiar, but this has happened so many times. The minute that you create it and have the approval on it, file for the registered trademark for your logo. That way, you have legal rights.

Even in my business, I have a fun little logo that someone else created. But I think they sold it to someone else about the same time. I got a cease and desist for my logo, yet I owned the copyright on it and the trademark. Because I owned the copyright and the trademark, I’m the one that ended up with it.

Whoever had purchased the same logo, had to cease and desist, even though they had tried to stop me. Does that make sense?

It’s awful when stuff like that happens. It could be a graphic designer that didn’t keep good bookkeeping records. Maybe they didn’t realize they’d already sold it. It’s an innocent mistake, and it can happen. So, if you’re going to build an empire, my suggestion is trademark your logo, so that it does belong to you.

Logos are Huge

Logos, Woman Excited at ComputerLogos are something that comes down in your marketing and your advertising. It’s a huge part of your business, even if your business is online. It’s especially big if you’re doing apps because that logo will shrink down to become the face of your app.

Your logo needs to be something you’re excited about and proud to share.

So, I recommend that you spend some time thinking about this one.  I hope that helps a little bit, if it does, please pass this onto a friend. Until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.


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Create Your Own Logo – http://bit.ly/Createalogo

Trademark your Logo – http://bit.ly/TrademarkYourLogo

Meaning of Colors – http://bit.ly/PowerofColors

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