Get Rid of Cigarette Smell Inside Rental Property

Let’s get rid of cigarette smell inside rental property. House cleaners and maids doing turnover cleaning run into cigarette smell on occasion. 

You can use an ozone generator for cigarette smell removal for removing odors from homes and rentals.

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How Do You Get Rid of Cigarette Smell Inside a Rental Property?

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Woman Holding NoseHow do you get rid of a cigarette smell inside a rental property? We had a question come in from one person who said this.

I’m not a professional house cleaner. But my future daughter-in-law wants to know how to get the cigarette smell out of a rental property. Economically, I was thinking that after all the ways that you might clean the walls and whatnot.

Or if window treatments are included, that may add to the problem. I know sometimes this happens with specialty window treatments in buying a home, so what advice do you give to

You Should Invest in an Ozone Generator

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Ozone Generator on ToiletIf you have a rental property and this is going to be an ongoing thing, you could invest in an inexpensive ozone generator. They range from about $70 to $100.

They are is a tiny unit that has a little ceramic plate that goes inside of it, and the ceramic plate lasts for about 6000 hours. So, if you ran it nonstop, it would last about 250 days. Now, when you use an ozone generator, you usually run it in a burst of 20 or 30 minutes. So how do you get rid of all that cigarette smell?

If it’s a temporary thing, and this is not somebody that’s been smoking in the house for years. Then this is going to be clean where you’re going to disinfect everything and knockout that smell.


Remove Everything From the Home to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Little Boy and DogSo, what you’re going to do is you are going to remove all plants, pets, and people from the home because the ozone does not work well with plants, pets, or people. Ozone is hazardous.

So, you’re going to remove everybody. You’re going to turn the machine on. And if you open the door after 30 minutes, there will be smoke in the house. It’s because the ozone is doing its job. Then you’re going to let it settle.  It’s got a timer on it so it will run through the cycle and then it will dissipate. When it dissipates, all the smell will be gone.

How Ozone Works

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Amazon Airthereal MA5000 Commercial Generator 5000mgh Ozone Machine 2Now, ozone is a natural process that starts in nature. Let’s say that you’ve been outside when there’s lightning or a thunderstorm and you can start smelling this funny smell in the air. That’s ozone in the air.

What happens when the lightning hits, is the UV light hits and it breaks up the oxygen from H2 and H3. So, there’s an extra atom of oxygen and that is the ozone.

You replicate this process inside your house and you shut all the windows and doors. Get all the people, all the plants, all the pets out, and then when you are away, it goes through this process removing and breaking down the smell. So, when you come back the house won’t smell like anything. It will smell fine.


Sprays Won’t Get Rid of a Cigarette Smell

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Spraying Air FreshenerSo, the reason that an Ozone Generator works better than using a spray, is a spray is only going to mask the smell. But eventually, if you mask the smell so many times, it has its own smell. If you’ve ever stayed at a cheap hotel, and you walk in and you’re like, “What is that smell?”

That smell is spray over and over again where the air actually hasn’t been cleaned, it’s been masked. And so instead of masking the smell, you want to remove the smell and you want to break it down at a chemical level so that the property then smells clean.

Clean is you can breathe, it’s clean breathing in your lungs, it’s not just you breathed something and your eyes turn red and your sinus is clogged up. That’s when you start masking stuff on top of each other.

Ozone Generators Get Rid of Smells

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Amazon Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator2So, an ozone generator is a great idea to get rid of cigarette smells and other odors.  As mentioned, they’re inexpensive, but they are great for Airbnbs. And you can also use your ozone generator even if you’re not flipping a property.

Let’s say, for example, that you cooked with curry and the members of your family don’t like the curry smell so much. You can go in when everybody’s gone to work for the day, turn the ozone generator on, you come back and there is no curry in your house.  Which is wonderful.

Alos. let’s say that you cooked a pie and the stuff oozed out over into your oven. And then it burnt, and there’s this stinking burning smell in your kitchen, the ozone generator has a lot of purposes. And once you have it, you’ll go, “Oh my goodness, what did I ever use before?”

Don’t Use Bleach to Get Rid of a Cigarette Smell

Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in Rental Property, Cleaning WallAlso, if you ever have to use bleach, on a property, you can remove the smell with the ozone generator.

Then what happens is you don’t leave the lingering smell for days at a time as you leave the property. You burn that out with the ozone generator and you’re on your way.0 Savvy Cleaner Spacer Savvy Cleaner


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