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Networking Sites, Groups to Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs

What networking sites or groups can you join to get more Airbnb cleaning jobs? We look at business marketing strategies in today’s Vacation Rental Mailbag.

Hosts join Facebook groups and other networking sites to find a maid, or housekeeper for turnover service.

What vacation rental groups for VRBO, Airbnb or short-term rentals can you recommend? Let’s start a conversation to connect the house cleaner and host.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. You can find this and 400 other answered questions in this series on our YouTube channel.

How to Get More Airbnb Jobs as a Cleaning Service

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Woman at Her ComputerHow do you find Airbnb jobs if you’re a cleaning service? Many house cleaners wonder, “what online communities can I join to find more Airbnb jobs?”

There are a couple that I’m familiar with because I’m in charge of them, and so, I’m kind of enmeshed in what goes on, on a day-to-day basis, but there are lots.

You Can Join a Private Facebook Group to Get More Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Person on Facebook on Their PhoneAll right, so the things that I’m familiar with. We do have a private Facebook group, and the private Facebook group is for turnover cleaning tips. You have to either be a housecleaning service or you have to be an Airbnb host.

Those are the only two people that get into this group. But it’s networking and it’s sharing ideas of if you’re a house cleaner what you’re expecting from the house.

And if you’re a host, what you’re expecting from the house cleaner. Together we share ideas of best marketing practices, best places to go, things like that.

Housecleaning360 to Help You Get More Airbnb Jobs

HouseCleaning360 300 x 300 FlatAll right, the next one is This is a Facebook group only for members who have listed their business on HouseCleaning360. Now, HouseCleaning360 is a business listing site that partner’s house cleaners with Airbnb hosts.

One of the things that we do inside that group is we determine better ways to collaborate and give referrals. So, for example, let’s say that I’m a house cleaner and the Airbnb host asks me, “Who do you know who does carpet cleaning?

Well, I don’t do carpet cleaning. That’s not part of what we do, but I can recommend somebody to you through It’s a network where people can jump online and they can find you if you offer turnover service.

TurnoverCleaningTips for More Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Man Working at ComputerAll right, then another one is the community itself, over at In your profile, you list where you’re from so you can do a quick search and find out people that are in your community and say, “Hey, who do you know? Who is looking for a house cleaner in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area?”

Then, and I’m saying that like that’s where you live, but it could be any place that you live.

Then other people will jump in and they can give you network and referrals and ideas and suggestions. Who knows, you might even run into a host.

Should You Use Bulletin Boards?

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Man Looking at Bulletin BoardAll right, on to our next question. Is it a good idea to put a vacation rental business card that offers your cleaning service on a bulletin board at a place like Trader Joe’s?

The answer is yes. That’s a great idea because someone at Trader Joe’s might need your services. Lots of places have public bulletin boards, lots of restaurants do. And so, you can put your turnover cleaning service business card on that bulletin.

And when someone comes in, they’re going to go, “Oh, hey, wait. I don’t have an Airbnb, but I know somebody that does that’s looking for a house cleaner.” And they can pull that up, and they can give you that referral to their friend.

Print Business Cards to Get More Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Woman Holding Business CardSo, yes, that’s a great place to post it on public bulletins. All it’s going to cost you is the cost of your business card. One company you can use is Vistaprint, the company that we’ve used for 20 years for all our business cards.

They’re very affordable and they run regular specials that are like 50% off business cards. So, you get lots of business cards made and keep them specific to your turnover cleaning service. Don’t offer your general cleaning service unless you have a fleet of house cleaners. You don’t want to be running all over the city doing regular house cleaning jobs.

But if you have a turnover service, you can dispatch your house cleaners to specific jobs that you get from around the community, if that makes any sense.

Where are the Best Places to Advertise Your Business?

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Woman Holding Sponge ThinkingAll right, on to the next question. What are the best places to advertise your business? Well, there are two that come to mind immediately, and the first one is Facebook.

Facebook is expensive, but it’s very targeted. They have spent billions of dollars narrowing down your likes, your friends, the things that you’re interested in. Instead of doing a boosted post that goes out and who knows where it’s going to go.

You can narrow and niche down your market, down to a specific neighborhood that you live in or specific zip code. So, you can find all the Airbnb’s or all the vacation rentals in your zip code, and you can do a Facebook advertisement specifically to them. So, that’s a great investment of your money.

Use Church Bulletins to Sell Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, People at ChurchAnother thing is church bulletins. If you belong to a couple of churches in the area. Or if you visit churches or if you meet members of the churches, you can find out who’s in charge of the bulletins and the Sunday service printout that they do.

You can advertise, usually for $15 to $20, your service. And so, that everybody that’s sitting there bored in the church is reading it. Then they’re going to go, “Oh, I have an Airbnb,” or, “I know somebody that has an Airbnb that’s looking for a cleaner.”

And then they can pass your information and your referral on to them. So, church bulletins and Facebook groups.

How to Use Outside of the Box Marketing for Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Think Outside BoxWhat guerrilla marketing ideas or thinking outside of the box marketing ideas do you have to get more Airbnb business? All right, this is a great one, and this is a little bit rouge, okay?

So, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go on the listing sites like HomeAway or or Airbnb or VRBO. Then you’re going to do a search for the area where you live. Then you’re going to create your own mailing list of the people that live in your area.

These are people that live on the same street, they might live two streets over. They might live in the next neighborhood, but they are close. There are lots of Airbnb’s that you don’t even know about, or there are property management companies that are managing properties in your area.

Send Direct Mail to Get Airbnb Jobs

Get More Airbnb Cleaning Jobs, Hand on Letter in MailboxYou’re going to send a specific direct mail to those people, and you’re going to say, “Hey, I wanted to introduce myself. I’m a house cleaner, I do turnover service. And I saw that your property was on,” and then you list the site, VRBO, you can even leave a link or a picture of their listing.

So, this is something specific you’re going to send to them. You can even write them a handwritten card, “Just want to introduce myself and give you my business card.”

Not a lot of people right now are doing direct mail. Lots of people are doing online marketing, but not direct mail. So, when they go out to the mailbox and there’s a handwritten note from a house cleaner with a business card. They’re going to go, “Whoa, this person knows that I’m running an Airbnb. This person has a service that I need,” and now you’ve opened a dialogue and a conversation with that person.

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