Airbnb Host Rates Another Host, Turnover Cleaning Tips

Airbnb Host Rates Another Host

Airbnb host rates another host – Errgh!  Will it be a house cleaning pass or fail?  When an Airbnb host rates another host should it be an honest rating and review? Or, should they leave the Airbnb cleaning service out of it?

Angela Brown says when an Airbnb host rates another host, the feedback on hospitality is great. Any VRBO, short-term rental or Airbnb guest can clarify guest expectations. And since Airbnb cleaning is paramount to home sharing any turnover cleaning tips are welcome.

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Hey there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer.
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Question: Airbnb Host Rates Another Host – But…

Airbnb Rates Another Host, Bad Review on TabletShould Airbnb hosts leave honest rating and reviews at Airbnb’s they’ve stayed at? That’s a great question and we’re going to talk about that today. So, an Airbnb host went out of town and stayed with another host.  When she got there, the place was not a mess, but it was not clean.

Behind the bathroom door, there was some hair. And the corners of the bathroom were not clean.  The floor of the corners and the baseboards were dusty. She felt like the place was not clean, nor sanitary.

There were no cleaning supplies, that she was able to find, so she couldn’t even clean up – although she wanted to.

Airbnb Host Rates Another Host – Should She Be Honest?

Airbnb Rates Another Host, Woman Serious While Looking at ComputerIn the kitchen, underneath the toaster there were crumbs. And used coffee grounds were still there from a previous guest. So, she felt like the place was not clean.

Because she has such high standards of excellence, she feels like she should say something.

Her question is, “should I say something privately to the host? Or should I leave it in a public rating and review? 

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We all know that ratings and reviews drive the Airbnb industry.

Guests make their decisions of where they’re going to stay based on the ratings and reviews. So, if she were to leave an honest rating and review that says, “This place was not clean to my standards,” it might deter other guests from staying.

Airbnb Host Rates Other Hosts or a Word in Private?

Airbnb Rates Another Host, Women Seriously TalkingThe answer to that question is this, and this is just my personal opinion. There may be other opinions to go with this, so please feel free to leave notes.

My opinion is because ratings and reviews are crucial to the success of a vacation rental, I would give this Airbnb host one more chance.

A word in private that says “Hey, listen, man, I run an Airbnb and this did not meet my standard of cleanliness. When I came in, there were crumbs in the kitchen. There were coffee grinds on the cupboard. In the bathroom, there is hair behind the door. The corners of the bathroom are dirty and the baseboards have dust on them. When I came, I did not feel like I was staying in a clean place.”

Airbnb Host Rates Another Host – Could Be a Mentor Opportunity

Airbnb Rates Another Host, Women Talking OutsideBecause the Airbnb industry lives and dies on ratings and reviews you need great reviews. And as a superhost, you want to stay at a five-star rating and review. Maybe this guest was not five-star yet or they were not a superhost, but a bad rating could lower their rating.

Lots of new hosts don’t know what the industry expectations are. Customers expect a lot and are not afraid to complain in ratings and reviews.

You don’t have to shame a host or embarrass them in public. But some gentle mentoring could be just the push they need to up level their game and succeed.

As a hos,t you can give feedback in a positive way that’s upbeat, and encouraging.

How to Get Better Ratings and Reviews as Vacation Rental Host

FB GroupTurnover service, which is the cleaning and resetting a place for your next guest is a science. Nobody is born knowing how to do turnover service. It’s a series of skills you learn. And everybody has to learn them to survive in the vacation rental business.

There is a private Facebook group for short-term rental and Airbnb hosts, as well as house cleaners who do turnover service. Together they troubleshoot cleaning issues, give tips, share ideas, stories and support each other.

Joining a group like this can help a new host navigate guest expectations. And if they have questions, this gives them a place to find answers without you holding their hand beyond this conversation.

Airbnb Host Rates Another Host – And Leaves the World a Cleaner Place

Kind, constructive words from an experienced host to a newer host could make a world of difference. And this is an opportunity to give something back to the vacation rental industry. Be gracious, be kind and pay it forward.

The same courtesy may find its way to you and your rental one day.

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